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It's the end of the world and I feel fine...

My husband and I at a friends wedding last year ( seems like a lifetime ago)

Don't think that we don't feel anxious, oh we do, we are worried about our financials, the kids and what if we don't survive this, what will happen to the kids?

To me personally, I have seen so much, felt so much and have lost a lot. Been through the worst you can possibly imagine. Guess what? Others have had the even crazier stories than mine and they are all survivors, they are tough, strong and still creating, still living and having fun doing it.

What makes us different? Nothing, the only difference is we don't let the awful things fester too long. Meditation helps, doing community work helps, dedicating some time for yourself is the big thing. Take the blame, admit it, then forgive yourself and others and move on. Don't torture yourself, why? What is the point? I know this from experience and I also learned they didn't even know you got hurt. They didn't even know they broke your trust in humanity because they don't give a F_ _ _. So you just wasted years disliking someone or not liking what they lost sleep over it, why?

So why waste, seconds to years of worrying that was going to come anyway? DEATH who isn't afraid of it? BUT (Diyos ko po) OMG ! It's inevitable, talk to your kids, partner, parents about DEATH please, so that they may know how PRECIOUS life is and not wasted on awful boyfriends or girlfriends. Learn to love and understand yourself first because if you don't know who you are, (your partner can't read minds) they won't know who you are either! They are human just like you! If you have proof that he or she is an alien, please tell them to find a cure for COVID_19 ASAP.

Communicate, understand and move on, you should know right away that person is not for you. IF NOT, you have awful instincts and you should meet more people, move to a different city, better yet, a new country where they speak a different language (well now you are unable to) in the future maybe. Fall in love and get your heart broken and fail every day! If you didn't before now is your time!

What is important at the end of the day is yourself, your children, family and friends. We humans, are so easily influenced by chaos and sure the world is in total disarray but what are you going to do about it? What can you do? NOTHING! The only thing you can do now is the people in your home need to be healthy, happy, sane and devoid of panic.

I'm in charge of 3 people, one dog and a couple of fish in my life, in this household and that is the control I have. What they eat, how they are going to behave and how they can help with the day to day living. What can they contribute here, in our home? This chaos will end not tomorrow or the next day but you can make productive human beings in your home before you send them out there to contribute to society. That is my purpose for this moment, don't lose hope we all get sad and lonely but reach out if you are. FIND Your PURPOSE!

There is constant disagreement, laughter and crying and slamming doors but we as a family try to solve the problem as a unit. We come together as a family and everyone has an input. Everyone has a say... well except for the fishies that can't communicate in morse code yet.

So when they say "don't sweat the small stuff " DO NOT, be prepared instead.

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