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Let's Elope to the beautiful south shore, Nova Scotia

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Just got engaged in the New Year?

First of all, this amazing shot was taken by Hailley Fayle IG: @hailley.hailley

on a beautiful spring day in the south shore Nova Scotia in Canada. The artists and artisans who joined us that glorious day was seriously the most professional and happiest bunch we have ever met!

On to your engagement! Congratulations and welcome to the world of adulthood! Maybe you have been an adult for awhile but being engaged is not to be taken lightly. It's a serious decision and one that your partner has taken great care, not only saving for the perfect token of affection but a decision he or she has thought of, planned meticulously and probably proposed to you in his or her head a million times.

Now comes the decisions...

* How long do we wait? Do we save up first for a few years? Which brings us to the next question.

* Our budget for the Nuptials? Do we save for our future? A Home? A grand honeymoon?

* When is the date?

* Location? In a church? A Barn? BackYard?

* Who is attending?

* Who is the Best man? Made of Honour?

* That perfect wedding dress or a Tuxedo

* Rings

* Cake

* Flowers

* Decor

* Rentals

* Food

* Beverage

* Make Up

* Photography and with that comes the diet program you have to put yourself through, gym memberships to try and lose weight and look perfect for that very important day!

Don't forget the expense for the events before the actual nuptials!

*Engagement Photos

*Engagement Dinner


* Rehearsal Dinner

On and on and on.... already you have spent the energy looking through blogs, vlogs and wedding groups to try and save money not to mention all the bridal magazines to convince you why a grandios wedding is the right one for you! Have you also thought of the waste and the carnage you leave behind after the nuptials? If you are vegan, an environmentalist and care about the future of your future children, is your wedding sustainable?

All this time you could have been looking soulfully through your fiancé's eyes and saying "I love you and the only thing that this wedding will have is us!"

Don't be one of those couples that break up after a few years of reality or worse years of heartbreak to find out that your wedding was just for show, for one night only folks, for the world to see, videotaped, you tubed and reposted thousands of times.

The answer? Take it from us here at Nautical Nuptials South Shore team, combined have been married for 80 years. Divorced, remarried, children and years of expertise in relationships with people around the world, business and our community. Do what is right for you! Have the wedding you dreamed of but first be informed. What is realistic for you as a couple?

Mention our blog and you can join us for an hour consultation with wine if eloping or small wedding in the south shore is what you want.

Photo credits: Instagram

Flowers: @ohdina

Apparrel: @donnsabean

Models: @arminmakeup, @dmm3232_citymodels

Styling: @nauticalnuptialssouhshore

Location: @clevelandbeachcottage

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