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Melānie MM

Married 16 years and together 20 years. I am so crazy about this man that I pronounced my love for him three times. Both our second marriage and we didn't really want marriage again but wanted the commitment.
My sister at the time was living in Thailand and Indonesia for many years and immersed herself in the Buddhist culture. She said, "I will perform a Buddhist wedding for you with only blood relatives invited". The ceremony was epic and the best five weeks of our lives in the Philippines. Many years later we are still crazy in love with each other because everything we do in life, we make with our own rules. We live our lives with respect for each other and knowing that the end goal is growing old together. Life is short and complicated but sweet and wonderful when you find the partner right for you. ~Melānie MM
Melānie is an artist, a fashion designer at and carpet designer at
Melānie is the founder of the "Respect Campaign" at She enjoys producing shows, events, and fundraisers to help her community and create awareness.


Allan Carver

After my first date with Kelly, I announced to my college roommate, "I met an angel." In 1994, I married that angel, and we've been together to this day. "When you meet your life partner, you just know. So you hold on tight." ~ Allan

Allan is a creative person through and through. He brings his unique artistry and vision to create memorable settings for your most precious moments.






My fascination with photography has started when I was in high school.
Years passed and I was just an avid fan of other photographers' works.
In 2012, my husband gave me my first DSLR as a Christmas present
and as much as I wanted to return it to the store
(because I know how much it costs),
I was actually over the moon...
Why wedding and portrait photography?
It allows me to explore my creativity 
while capturing significant moments of my client's lives.

My primary focus is to document the beauty of raw emotion found in each moment.




Our video producer Mike Wood got married in Cuba.  Hoping to be alone, he and his wife planned the ceremony in Cuba for Christmas, politely inviting everyone on Facebook, knowing all would send best wishes and decline their invitations.  Two wedding crashers did show up in Cayo Coco for the event: Mike's sister and Carolynne's mother.  Weird!  But things more or less went to plan, and they're still married today!  Cuba is definitively recommended for a honeymoon!

Mike obsesses about all things media, but expect the unexpected when he's around with a camera, here on the fringe of nautical nuptials there are no orthodox methods to follow, your video will be a unique reminder of your special day.



Nuptial Officiant

Somewhat a newlywed herself, Maureen Acker-Garnett thrives on the romance and celebration of each union she presides over! With hundreds of ceremonies under her belt, she has a vast repertoire of ceremonies to choose from. Wedding Ceremonies are incredibly personal so words are vitally important. With Maureen, your ceremony will perfectly reflect your unique personalities and capture the love and commitment that has brought you to the point of exchanging vows!



“I started photography when I was about 13 years old, my cousin and I spent hours with her Pentax DSLR, and although with age that hobby got pushed aside, my interest in getting back into photography never faded. 
I really got the itch back when I had my daughter in 2016, I wanted to capture her every smile, and tiny little features as they were growing before my eyes. So one Christmas I ended up with my own DSLR, and that’s when I decided I wanted to do this professionally! 
There is nothing I’d rather be doing than capturing your special moments, and what’s more special than your wedding day?! I got married in September 2018, so I know what kind of pictures couples are looking for, and I can’t wait to make it happen for you!”
Thank you!


Make Up Artist

My name is Andrea Cabañas, I'm a licensed makeup and lash artist in the HRM. My background is in Political Science and History, I never knew that I was passionately creative until I moved to Halifax two years ago and started working at a makeup counter. I absolutely fell in love with the profession and went to school to learn the artistic fundamentals of makeup. I've been a professional makeup artist for a year now and I genuinely enjoy every aspect of it. Artistically I like experimenting with colours, textures, and new techniques. However, my true passion comes from highlighting each individual's unique beauty.

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