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Tie the Knot, without commercialism? Is it possible?

It's a great day to tie the knot!

We at Nautical Nuptials South Shore have partnered with the most amazing artist, artisans and venues to create the wedding you deserve. Is it elopement you want? Wedding in your backyard or on a boat? Perhaps on the many islands we have here? No matter how crazy how bizarre and how intimate, we can find the solution.

Mention this blog and you can sit down with us over some wine and discuss the nuptials of your dream.

What we need to know from you when we sit down and have a chat! We need your wish list meaning what do you envision for your nuptials?

Start a vision board: Page and clippings of what you see. Maybe a Pinterest board or Instagram wish list. That doesn't mean that you have to purchase everything in that photo! You are using it to inspire your end result.

Location: Do you want an intimate house or cottage by the ocean you want to rent for you and your guests to stay? Maybe just for you and you bride or groom to be? Church weddings perhaps?

Booking: What people don't know is that there are a lot of weddings and not enough makeup artists, JP and venues, photographer etc etc. to go around. You must book in advance, months, a year, or two in advance.

Deposits Booking in advance to save the date means to save your venues and services you must put a deposit down. Make sure you know the cancellation and refund policies of each vendors.

What people don't know is that a wedding costs money a tonne of money and lots of time! Reservations for venues and vendors are a huge hassle. That is why we have created instant weddings for you to come and enjoy the day, have the instagram - able moments. Photos and videos to preserve your memories.

Sustainable weddings are the new, old trend. Marrying the person you love have always been the end goal, indigenous cultures all over the world tied the knot and have bonded without commercialism. The respect starts with yourself, then the other human and that comes along with respecting the environment.

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